Extrusion Lamination & Coating

We have several extrusion coating/laminating lines with varying width capabilities. With these lines, our teams are capable of producing a variety of products and substrates to service the consumer, healthcare and industrial markets. We’ve found there to be numerous advantages of using the extrusion coating process, including less expensive raw materials and improved structural stability. No matter the application, we provide uninterrupted service and quality with our redundant capacity and capabilities, ensuring that we’ll always be able to deliver the solution you need.

Extrusion lamination structures can range from simple polyethylene coated papers to sophisticated multi-layer laminations (up to eight layers in one pass).

Health Care

For health care applications, our tandem/coextrusion lines enable ProAmpac to produce multi-layer coated nonwoven fabrics. They meet stringent barrier requirements for protection from liquid and blood-borne pathogens.


The industrial market encompasses pressure-sensitive label release base and various nonfood can liners. These products are all coated on our tandem extrusion coating lines, which have the ability to coat two sides of a substrate in one pass. In-line ancillary equipment provides lay-flat characteristics required in certain markets.