Our experienced graphic support teams will help you move your product vision toward a brilliant
three-dimensional reality. The highly skilled people staffing our multiple award-winning in-house graphic
centers work with every customer to deliver top-level prepress services and packaging design. All digital files
you bring to us undergo a thorough inspection before production to ensure that all necessary data (fonts,
support files, color information, etc.) are as they should be. This preflight stage is critical for saving your
time and money, and for producing a quality file for plate production.

Digital prepress services include:

  • Original art recommendations/layouts
  • Scanning
  • Color correction
  • Bar code construction
  • File reconstruction and art cleanup
  • Proofing process – hard-copy, high-end proofs
  • PMS and custom color-matching
  • Press-side approvals and trial runs

GMG Color Proof

GMG Color Proof is an X-rite calibrated system that allows us to match color to the production sample off
press. This system is calibrated to your substrate color and printed on proofing paper or film.

High-Definition Flexographic Printing

Our teams work collectively to employ numerous printing presses in elevating our coating and laminating
capabilities. Our presses deliver a combination of flexography and offset printing in widths up to 75
inches. We can reverse-print film, or surface-print paper, foil or film in up to 10 vibrant colors.

We produce consistently high-quality printing and achieve a higher-end color spread by using flexo’s
color density capabilities to increase the color gamut. Plus, flexo produces excellent registration on
small process print, resulting in crisper fine print. And having both solvent- and water-based printing
technology allows us greater flexibility in product design.

Flexo allows us to accommodate you with shorter runs while offering consistent product quality.
Ultimately, the rich, colorful flexo qualities underscore your brand, and provide a quality product at a
better cost.

The high color density offered by the flexo process delivers:

  • An increased color gamut
  • Better white opacity
  • Very clean highlights
  • Shadow fades to nothing
  • Clean, high-contrast imagery (as whites are whiter and dark colors are darker)
  • Crisper fine print

Rotogravure Printing

Part of what makes us a fully integrated pouch supplier is our state-of-the-art, eight-color
rotogravure printing capability. With the increasing demand for a rotogravure pouch in core markets such
as liquid foods and beverages, dry foods and pet food, we’re proud to have the ability to roto print,
laminate, pouch and spout under one roof. So when your product calls for a flexible pouch with a
high-quality rotogravure print, we’ll be happy to help put together the solution your brand deserves.

UV Printing

UV printing and coating is a special process that uses ultraviolet light to dry ink as it is printed.
When UV ink is applied to a surface, specially designed UV lights follow closely behind, curing the ink

Our UV printing delivers brilliance and appeal with graphics that pop off your package, delivering a
“wow” factor to consumers. At the same time, your product benefits from superior resistance to weather
and sun-fade in the harshest outdoor storage environments, such as distribution facilities and home and
garden centers.