Unicorn is leading in developing more sustainable packaging that is good for business, and better for the world
around us.

We care about sustainability, and not just because consumer demand for sustainable products has grown. As a
forward-thinking, global network of people and teams, we design our processes and products with sustainability
in mind. We fully grasp the relationship between sustainability and existing global initiatives, so we’ve made
major investments to integrate awareness of such causes with our company culture.

Our approach to sustainability centers around innovation. In their own way, every person here is a visionary
thought leader whose commitment to creativity and design has enabled our company to apply innovation and
forward-thinking concepts to move sustainability forward.

In daily action, we promote sustainability in both our product designs and our operating procedures, and we are
committed to exploring and applying environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Our position as a
global packaging leader provides us the opportunity to reduce not only our own impact on the planet, but also
that of the consumers who purchase our customers’ products.

How we perform:

Products making a difference

We are regularly achieving sustainability gains for customers by reducing the gauge and weight of their
packaging, and by using more post-consumer recycled resin – lowering demand on virgin resources.

Sustainability Review

Every year, we share a comprehensive Sustainability Review, it contains case studies, data and other proof
points on Unicorn’s sustainability performance over the previous year. See previous reports here (link)