We’re proud to provide high-quality premade pouches and printed rollstock. Our industry-leading capabilities in preformed pouches and bags allow us to offer unique features and technologies, including a variety of closures for our premade pouches such as the traditional press-to-close zipper, E-Z Zip (unique pull-tab opening), Quick Zip (hook and loop technology) and retortable press-to-close.


Our teams utilize high-quality coextruded, laminated and surface-printed films to create our rollstock, which serves the consumer goods, produce, dairy, cheese, pet, frozen food, processed meat and bakery industries. We custom-produce rollstock to address the material requirements and graphic expectations of your product, as well as the needs of your product line, so let us help tailor a package that works for you.

Features include:

  • Vertical and horizontal packing machine
  • Fin seal and lap seal
  • Film-winding specification
  • Gas flush or vacuum filling
  • Production rate (number of packages per minute)
  • Machine brake system

Have you noticed our new recycling labels?

Our goal is to help consumers better understand what to do with packaging, and to encourage greater participation in recycling programs so that packaging gets a new life. The How2Recycle Label is an initiative of Unicorn’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition.