Commitment to the Environment

Protecting the environment is one of the main targets to which we dedicate all our efforts to develop products and more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Guaranteed Quality

Unicorn has extended over a huge area and has all the necessary facilities in order to maintain
consistency, accuracy and excellence in all stages of production.

Focused on Customer's Feedback

With the expertise of our printing and packaging, we are able to hold a good reputation in the market. Our clients are pleased with our quality control and in time deliverability offerings.

About Us

Unicorn is the market leader in flexible packaging industry in Bangladesh with comprehensive product offerings. We provide creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace…
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Innovative Packaging SolutionsBrilliance, Quality, Uniqueness

Single Layer Rolling/ Pouching Format Laminated Packaging
Two layers Rolling/ Pouching Format Laminated Packaging
Three layers Rolling/ Pouching Format Laminated Packaging
Rolling Format

Proven Customer BenefitsClosing In On Effective Packaging


Reduction in operation cost


increase in sales


Unique ideas


Turn over Profit

Financial Report: “The Total Economic Impact of Unicorn”

Become a Partner

Thank you for your interest in Unicorn Industries Limited. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and learn more about your company’s packaging ideas and needs. If you would like to have a member of the Unicorn Industries Limited staff contact you directly regarding a specific question or concern, Please drop us a message.