Plants & Machineries


Ten (10) Color Rotogravure Printing Machine (Taiwan)

Eight (08) Color Rotogravure Printing Machine (Taiwan)

Film Making

Three (03)/ Multi Layer Film Making Machine (Taiwan)

One (01)/ Single/ Mono Layer Film Making Machine (Taiwan)


Dry Laminating Machine (Taiwan)

PEG & WAX Coating

Hot- Melting Machine (Korea)

Wax Coating Machine (Korea)

Slitting, Cutting and Pouching

Stand-Up Pouch and Zipper Bag Making Machine (Taiwan)

Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine (Taiwan)

Sealing and Cutting Machine (Taiwan)

Center Sealing Machine (Taiwan)

Label Cutting Machine (Taiwan)

Glue Sealing Machine (Taiwan)

Bottom Cutting Machine (Taiwan)

Bobin Cutting Machine (India)

Slitting Machine (Taiwan)

Doctoring/ Inspection and Rewinding

Inspection and Rewinding Machine (Taiwan)

Testing and Inspection Machine (Taiwan)