Sustainable Recycling

  • Collection and recycling of waste paper, scrap metals and scrap plastics
  • Reuse of pallets whenever possible
  • Laundering and reuse of shop towels, eliminating disposal of paper towels and rags
  • Our No. 2 pouches can be recycled with plastic retail shopping bags with the How2Recycle Label initiative

Have you noticed our recycling labels?

Our goal is to help consumers better understand what to do with packaging and to encourage greater participation in
recycling programs so that packaging gets a new life. The How2Recycle Label is an initiative of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition. To find out more, provide input on the labels and get information on how to check locally, visit And look for the How2Recycle Label on ProAmpac products.

Collaborations to increase recycling

We continue to advance transformational change in our industry so that the environment is protected and enhanced by what we do. Urgent global challenges are best addressed collaboratively.
So we challenge ourselves and others to achieve more, through partnerships with customers, suppliers, leading
sustainability groups and others across the value chain. As active participants, we are helping increase recycling rates
around the world.